Repair of a benzene pipe with PolymerMetall®

Repair area
Repair area
Repair area
Repair area
MM-metal oL-steelceramic

A leakage occurred at a carbon steel pipe carrying benzene at a refinery. The benzene squirted out of a hole of the size of 1 mm Ø with a pressure of more than 10 bar.

MultiMetall offers a special PolymerMetall with a very high bonding on oily surfaces or surfaces contaminated with fuel. Therefore it is not obligatory to get the pipe emptied completely.

The adjacent Power Point presentation about the repair done will also convince you of the advantages of our repair materials.

This is just one example of the many different applications where PolymerMetall is used.

For plants and components operating smoothly, metals must live longer.

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Power Point presentation
"10" benzene pipe repair"
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Power Point Präsentation
"Reparatur einer 10"-Benzolleitung"
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