Repairing floating roof tanks with PolymerMetall®

Drawing floating roof tank
Two leakages in roof
Making dry repair site
Sealed leakages
Photograph MM-metal oL-steelceramic

The roofs of your floating roof tanks have leakages due to corrosion, tensions or other mechanical damages?

When using conventional repair methods (i.e. welding), the drainage of the tank’s liquids is absolutely necessary. This leads to long standstills and extra costs.

MultiMetall offers a special PolymerMetall with a very high bonding on oily surfaces or surfaces contaminated with fuel. Therefore it is no longer necessary to drain the liquid of the tank.

This technique is used now over the past 5 years with great success. A Power Point presentation about a repair carried out in Rotterdam will convince you too of the advantages of our repair materials.

This is just one example of the many different applications where PolymerMetall is used.

For plants and components operating smoothly, metals must live longer.

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Power Point presentation
"Repairing floating roof tanks"
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"Instandsetzung von Schwimmdachtanks"
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