Repair of a slewing bearing with PolymerMetall®

Bucket-wheel excavator
Application of the MM-metal SS-steel 382
After application
Lowering the upper structure
MM-metal SS-steel 382

Some areas of the slewing bearing of a bucket-wheel excavator showed damages outside the acceptable tolerance.

For the solution of this repair problem the high performance repair material MM-metal SS-steel 382 was chosen.

The very thin product variant is extremely free-flowing and pourable, because of its high surface tension.

The adjacent Power Point presentation about the repair done will also convince you of the advantages of our repair materials.

This is just one example of the many different applications where PolymerMetall is used.

For plants and components operating smoothly, metals must live longer.

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"Repair of a slewing bearing"
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"Reparatur eines Großwälzlagers"
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